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An echo of the Crystal Night's silence / Eko av kristallnattens tystnad

Today it is exactly 50 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. 
His death has been described as the first global news event. I remember itvery clearly as a morning when my small and peaceful world was given a severe blow. A family in a small village, in a small country in the periphery of geography and history was shaken to its foundation by the news from Dallas. We sat shocked and saddened at breakfast around the radio, before I hurried away to school anxious and overcome. It could have been a little boy anywhere around the globe, the world was united in its grief. I remember it "as if yesterday". Or rather; Within yourself you carry a child's strong impressions "as if today" everyday.  
But earlier in november we also remembered another historical event; it was 75 years since the "Crystal Night", when the first ghastly convulsion of the Holocaust raged across Germany in 1938. 
Did we remember? Or have we chosen to forget? 

Unlike the sho…