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The tsunami

Dear Anders
It was amazing to have you on the phone a couple of times and left me thinking about how hard, traumatic and painful this must be for you.
 I don’t know the history of you finding out about Jennifer’s rape -but it must be some story itself and I wondered if men who are witness to the abuse of other men feel betrayed by their fellow men with resultant anger and fury?
 I have been thinking of you a lot - not sure why – thinking of what it is like to be witness something as dramatic and personal as this- being so close to the internal dimensions of this revelation and Jens extraordinary multi-dimensional response to this - her huge humanity in reaching out to people and us to her; her incredible writing on facebook – the outpouring of the years of silence and trauma, both as relief and as testament to this terrible abuse. So this is why I write to you to understand how you are in all of this?
Are you sometimes worried about Jen and her potential vulnerability? I think she has wo…