Thank you all my friends for your birthday greetings on facebook. I appreciated them greatly!

The day started with a call connecting three countries, the boys from South-Africa and Swaziland on the same line as the girls in Sweden singing "Happy birthday" together in parts. Amazing!

There is this lovely traditional song from Dalarna: 

"Min födelsedag förtjänar att jag ett tacksamhetsljud till himmelen sänder att prisa min Gud, som skapat mig väl att jag av hans hander fått lemmar och själ." 

"My birthday deserves that I a thankful sound to heaven send to praise my God, who made me well that I from his hands have received limbs and soul."

So I headed out the Klockargården-door, with your Facebook messages landing in my pocket with happy tinkles, to the Dala-Floda outbacks to express my gratitude and to try to find my voice in this the most exuberant of celebrations: the boreal spring.   

This is what I tweeted:

May my birthday
be an earthday
an I-am found-day 

And may my birthday
be a bird-day
an in-the-sky-day
an I-am-high-day

You festive season
of rhyme and reason
of highest calling
from lowest veld

Of vegetation
in elevation
and heaven’s dome
in a dewdrop held

How can I join
in the celebration?
How could I add
to the festive mood?

How could I echo
the bursting bud
and the bulging brood?

“You do, you do!”
chirps the tit so cheerful
“You are, you are!”
chaffs the chiffchaff’s trill

You are the reason
for celebration
You are the cause
of our highest thrill.

So join us now
in our jubilation
So join us now
and our joy fulfil

Be you the reason
for celebration
Be you the cause
of your highest thrill”

(c) Anders Nyberg 23/5 2011


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