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Merry Christmas from Klockargården

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; Snow had fallen, snow on snow, In the bleak midwinter, long ago. Follow the link to our Christmas gift this season; A song with a rhyme and certainly, with reason, a song that surprised us all by its joy composed by our own little drummer boy, and sung by his mother, it’s precious, it is fair as the crystals of the dancing snowflakes through the air. With this gift we do hope you will all heed the call from the bells of our lovely Klockaregård and give to the world from your most precious part more precious than gold; your own open heart! http :// Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at Klockargården! Anders, Jennifer, Ralph, Gabriel and Johanna

Stockholm Dec 10 - absurd teater/theatre

English below. Ute i mörkret på gatorna böljar den ideologiska kampen fram och tillbaka.  Sverigedemokrati mot global rättvisa. Nynazister mot invandrare. Ropen skallar. Varningseldar brinner. Ekon av trettiotal. Aggressionerna slingrar sig runt Stockholms innerstad. Blå poliser i full mundering skyddar brunhögern. Inne i Blå hallen (som egentligen är brun) sorlar världens societet. Upphöjda av media, glorifierade och prisade av sina egna. En ekonomipristagare från USA utsedd av Sveriges Riksbank talar om vådan av att ge arbetslösa för mycket bidrag. Ord men inget språk. Finansminister Borg applåderar avmätt mellan tuggorna. Tranströmers rådjursspår i snön - upplästa av hans fru i en befriande men kort andningspaus innan - sopas rent, utplånas av en kall vintervind. Ett helt språk utraderat. Var är kulturen när vi behöver den? Var är verkligheten? Var är Harold Pinter? Jo kulturen dansar i Stadshus-trapporna. Mellan hummern och pärlhönan kastreras Carl Jonas Love A

Day 111112

Today is the real day of unity. Today is the day we see that every day is a day of one-ness, not only the special one. Hanna sits next to me as I am writing. What a gift she is, what a blessing. I have already covered this but it strikes me how I have called her in to my life to bless it. I remember in my youth, more and more reflecting on who I was, I became frustrated by being so "right" all the time. I was young, I was Caucasian, I was western, male, protestant, middle-class and I saw myself as fairly healthy, wealthy and skilled... I could virtually tic off all the boxes of what you should be in order to be "right" in this world. It didn't trigger off gratitude though. Instead a long journey started to explore the other. Now I am sitting here as a citizen of a "third world" country in the periphery of the suburb with my handicapped daughter, and my immigrant wife and friends. And now - I am full of gratitude! For the bigger picture, the

Mountain and sea

I am cradled so safe between mountain and sea. So protected yet floating so flawlessly free. I am wave, I am particle, child, I am God,  I'm the fish, I'm the star. I'm the kick in your womb, I'm the kiss in your ear. I'm the "I AM" transcending the time and the sphere. I am here, I am near, I am now, I am dear. I'm the child of all your dreams.  I'm the dream come true, I am you! The  reason for being born in flesh is to learn to see way beyond it. The reason for leaving my mother’s deep warm sea is to learn the Oneness of all. My kicks are a tapdance with time and with space. I am learning from the beats of my mother's heart's embrace, and from the soft of the floors and the walls of her womb I will incarnate soon. I'm the dream come true, I am you! I'm the dream come true, I am you! This post has waited a long time to be published.  "Mountain and sea"  was written when

Johanna - Gift of God / Gudagåva

Photo: Jennifer Ferguson She looks me straight in the eye, points her finger towards me and says: "I am going to give you a task." Without even knowing what, I already know there is no getting away from this one. "You are going to write a blog about me!" What can I write about a girl who's got everything already? And then some... Very few of us has got that extra sparkle, that extra chromosome.  But a few enlightened masters can claim they are living in the now the way you do, and to achieve the state of total non-judgement that you excel in: well, my dear little hobbit-daughter, I bow in front of you. I still haven't met a master like you. You know the meaning of love. Unconditionally. But you don't want me to write about all those things, you want me to tell the world what you did yesterday. You cooked supper for the first time by yourself! When Moms was gone working and Paps sick. It tasted like the best meal I ever had! Of course I am

Musical Still Life / Musik-stilleben

New concert; new hard work within and without, falling asleep like a zombie afterwards only to wake up a few hours later totally renewed and replenished. This one was extra hard and extra rewarding. The  "Kvintessens-konsert" in Sofia Church, Stockholm, felt like the last night with these wonderful friends and co-musicians and therefore so precious, so close to the edge, so now. I realize I am something as unusual as a choir-conductor without a choir. What could be more vulnerable than making a living as a choir-conductor without a choir? A baker without a bakery? Or maybe even without flour and yeast? And yet I immediately realize I have chosen my role very deliberately. I love being out there on the limb, having to rely on "miracles of the loafs and fishes" for my daily bread. Having nothing to work with but people's hunger, including my own. That's where my beliefs are being tested to the hilt, and found reliable. That's where I find

Mikael and the dragonslayer / Mikael och drakdödaren

Sankt Örjan faces the dragon A few days ago it was "Mickelsmäss", Mikael's day, and it was celebrated at our daughter's Waldorf-school in traditional fashion. In a dramatic showdown Sankt Örjan - Saint George - took on the vicious dragon and despite the overwhelming odds, armed with his sword and pure heart he was again victorious and triumphed over evil. It is a good story and I enjoyed it, not only as a parent, but as a lover of good stories. But for me the height of the drama came when one of the schoolboys watching from the first row jokingly commented: "You should be nice to the dragon, you shouldn't be killing him like that", immediately reprimanded and hushed up by one of the teachers standing next to him. Maybe the boy had a point though? Is it time to revise the story? The traditional judeo-christian mythology of us - of course always us - having the power and divine mission "to trample snakes and scorpions" is coming

Spräng kyrkorna? / Blast the churches?

Här kommer ytterligare en bild på mig dirigerandes i en kyrka. Denna gång från Mo kyrka utanför Söderhamn igår kväll tillsammans med systrarna Anna och Martina Sahlin och Mikael Jöback på piano. Men det finns ingen anledning att ursäkta sig. För det är värme, glädje, gemenskap och fulla kyrkor! Musiken lockar människor till sin hembygds helgedom. Och vi är alla lyckliga och känner tacksamhet för platsen och tiden vi får dela i den. Ett vackert rum, en plats där vi känner kontakt med historien och den lokala kulturen, ett rum av skönhet som ger oss en upplevelse av något bortom vardagens rutiner och stress. Där vi möter oss själva och det gudomliga i oss och alla andra. Samtidigt så har det pågått en debatt i Svenska Dagbladet efter det att domprost H B Hammar skrivit en artikel med uppmaningen "Spräng kyrkorna!" Han har naturligtvis fått mycket uppmärksamhet och konstaterar i sista inlägget: "Jag lyckades!" Är det någonting vi behöver mer i våra

Kvintessens - det femte elementet! / Quintessence - the fifth element!

Jag vaknar tidigt, utsövd, energifylld, renad, balanserad! Igår kväll hade vi Kvintessens-konsert i Kristine kyrka i Falun. Vilken nåd att kunna få "gå till jobbet" och stå i en sån "vortex", en sån virvelvind av goda vibrationer! Och vakna i värme och vällust! Rep i Falu Kristine Konserten blev fantastisk, ett stort tack till alla medverkande och åhörare.  Och fortfarande, efter att nu ha gjort dussintalet föreställningar, växer upplevelsen och förståelsen av den. Vi hittade till slut formen, ordningen på elementen: Jord, eld, vatten, luft, kvintessens! För första gången - men säkert inte sista - så byggde vi en konsertordning utifrån medvetenheten om kroppens olika energicentra, chakran. Att få se och uppleva den hundrahövdade kören växa från nord-/jordsångernas baschakra via Afrikas eldkraft i solarplexus och den latinska sensualitetens hjärta för att nå Österns spiritualitet och förena allt detta i de slutliga "Kvintessens-sångerna" var som