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All, together, now.

We are back home from the song-walk. You can watch a tiny part of it here: A first stop on the island of Aspö in the Blekinge archipelago, where we are preparing for a concert on the go. Peter and Hanna sing "The Children make the world complete". Jennifer sings: "The water is calling for healing" and Peter does "We can build bridges from heart to heart." And then the walk continues. And the song carries on. It was a lovely experience, as always when "Sång & Gång" gathers. We are walking our talk and singing our thing. It feels real and important.  We are the world; from 13 to 84, from handicapped children to university teachers. From professional musicians - and I mean  really  professional here - to bruised singers - and i mean really bruised. ( I feel I can say this because there is a part of both in me...) The experiences and abilities vary vastly but the commitment unites. And the result on the concerts are often

The blond blue-eyed Anders

He is blond and blue-eyed and listens to the name of Anders. This time it is impossible to blame it on "them". It is time for self-reflection. Waves of solace Slowly the shock-waves from Oslo and Utoya are turning into waves of reflections and solace. Through our tear-filled eyes we start to see signs of hope and encouragement. The people of Norway, led by the prime-minister Stoltenberg, is showing the world a path out of chaos and vicious circles of violence and we have to look far to find comparisons. South Africa and Mandela's policies of reconciliation is one of the few examples that comes to mind. Instead of bombs roses, instead of hatred love, instead of threats of a security-state promises of a more open society.     The contrast to post-9/11 USA is utterly striking. USA had the sympathy of the whole world directly after the attack. But used it to start aggressions and disastrous wars in order to seek revenge and find culprits, and is now left not on