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Day 111112

Today is the real day of unity. Today is the day we see that every day is a day of one-ness, not only the special one. Hanna sits next to me as I am writing. What a gift she is, what a blessing. I have already covered this but it strikes me how I have called her in to my life to bless it. I remember in my youth, more and more reflecting on who I was, I became frustrated by being so "right" all the time. I was young, I was Caucasian, I was western, male, protestant, middle-class and I saw myself as fairly healthy, wealthy and skilled... I could virtually tic off all the boxes of what you should be in order to be "right" in this world. It didn't trigger off gratitude though. Instead a long journey started to explore the other. Now I am sitting here as a citizen of a "third world" country in the periphery of the suburb with my handicapped daughter, and my immigrant wife and friends. And now - I am full of gratitude! For the bigger picture, the

Mountain and sea

I am cradled so safe between mountain and sea. So protected yet floating so flawlessly free. I am wave, I am particle, child, I am God,  I'm the fish, I'm the star. I'm the kick in your womb, I'm the kiss in your ear. I'm the "I AM" transcending the time and the sphere. I am here, I am near, I am now, I am dear. I'm the child of all your dreams.  I'm the dream come true, I am you! The  reason for being born in flesh is to learn to see way beyond it. The reason for leaving my mother’s deep warm sea is to learn the Oneness of all. My kicks are a tapdance with time and with space. I am learning from the beats of my mother's heart's embrace, and from the soft of the floors and the walls of her womb I will incarnate soon. I'm the dream come true, I am you! I'm the dream come true, I am you! This post has waited a long time to be published.  "Mountain and sea"  was written when