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Up the Gambia river to find the Roots

Hanna at the docks in Banjul, Gambia, on the lookout for her Roots! There’s no doubt in my mind what has been the most soul-stirring part of our wonderful Song Safari to Gambia. Travelling up the Gambia river in search of my daughter Hanna’s slave roots… Do I hear a few grumbles here? Hanna’s slave roots in Gambia? Well, your scepticism is justified, Hanna slave-roots are not in Gambia, they are in Benin, but never have I been so close to them as the day when we took the boat up the Gambia river and visited Jufureh, Kunta Kinte’s roots, and greeted his family still living there. Meeting Kunta Kinte's relatives The memorial in Jufureh Spotting Jufureh from the boat.  Let’s take it from the beginning; I have searched Johannas roots and found something astonishing; Johanna’s (this is easier in Swedish:) mormorsmormorsmorfarsmormorsmormorsmormor’s name was Koddo and she was a slave arriving in Cape Town on the 6 th of May 1658 on the slaveship Hasselt. She came f